Five Reasons to Use Door Hanger Marketing


It’s vitally important to continually look for fresh and exciting ways to get your message out into the world. Door hangers get your target audience to take notice of you on a whole new level.
For an effective campaign, try the following five secrets to door hanger marketing:

1. In your face
Upon arriving home after a long day at work, many people grab the mail out of the mail box. The stuff they consider to be “junk mail” often gets promptly pitched into the garbage. The advertisement is essentially in the person’s face, hanging right on their door. The unexpected nature of this location can surprise people and make them take notice.

2. Not out of sight
When marketing material is easily pushed aside, your message isn’t absorbed or acted upon nearly as often. Door hangers can help you avoid this pitfall because they must be physically removed from doorknobs. This forces interaction: As a person removes it, he or she is likely to really look at it – and is likelier to take in your marketing message.

3. Easily customizable
Our door hangers can be customized to fit your precise marketing needs. You can decide the layout, color scheme and graphics to be used. The message written can be as detailed or as broad as you want. No matter what you wish to promote, you can do so effectively with door hangers.

4. Won’t break the bank
Most people don’t have limitless advertising budgets, and often struggle to come up with the dollars necessary to have a truly comprehensive – and effective – marketing campaign. Door hangers can make a huge difference for people with tight budgets because they are affordable. Compared with many other types of marketing door hangers are a real bargain.

5. Make a bigger impression
Strategically timed multi-channel marketing works to make a greater impression on your prospects’ memory. Door hangers, when used in combination with other local marketing efforts (i.e. timing your just listed postcard to arrive in a neighborhood a few weeks before you distribute your open house door hanger) can create a lasting impact.

Door hanger marketing is quick, easy, affordable and highly targeted. Best of all, it’s one of the most effective ways to get your message in the right hands, at the right time.

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