Direct Mail Marketing for the Young at Heart


Effective marketing begins with an evaluation of your audience.  With over a quarter of a million Americans turning 65 every month and half of all second-home buyers over 46 (according to the National Association of REALTORS®), the idea of buying a second home now for future retirement is a certifiable trend.

Marketing to senior citizens encompasses several aspects that hinge on building trust and understanding your customer’s phase of life through their lens.  So how can you make your direct mail marketing a success to those 50 years of age and older?

Keep it simple.  Many email and web based strategies fall short when marketing to seniors.  Putting a quality piece of direct mail marketing directly in the hands of an interested buyer can work wonders.  Reading and reviewing a well written postcard can be the difference between getting prospects contacting you or not. When possible, be sure to include a phone number with your contact information so that communication with your prospects can be simple and direct.  This will be helpful especially for those who are not internet savvy.

Do your best to focus on including personal details.  With seniors staying more active than ever more, quality of life is imperative for second home buyers.  Well-placed content combined with relatable images can pique the interest of seniors along with helping them understand exactly what services you are offering.  Make sure to include quotes, statistics, or information about what is important to your audience that is heading towards or is already in the retirement phase of life.

Build trust from your first interaction with your prospective customer.  Many seniors feel like they have done it and seen it all or they know marketing when they see it. However, by adding customer testimonials to your direct mail content, you will catch their attention. A lot like Millennials (many of whom are children of the Baby Boomer demographic), senior citizens want to read about positive testimonials from actual customers.  To further your efforts, set up a meet and greet where senior prospects will have the opportunity to meet you face to face and have all of their questions answered in person.


Be sure to understand your audience.  With the Baby Boomer population moving into senior citizen age, studies have shown that these individuals are just as open to new experiences, lifestyle choices and products as those between 18 and 34 years old. Seniors citizens are becoming a major demographic for products and services because many are retired and on a fixed income, willing to enjoy their money and many are willing to try new products. Although Internet usage is high among this demographic, many still feel more comfortable with direct mail marketing which provides tangible and concrete information.

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