Pinning for Leads


As an image-based platform, Pinterest offers valuable opportunities for businesses to showcase products, designs, and concepts. After its launch in 2010, Pinterest quickly gained popularity among diverse social groups as a visual discovery tool.

While working similarly to a search engine, Pinterest provides relevant, educational, and visually appealing images to searchers. Pinterest account holders can create boards with pins, follow other members, and make comments on images. One type of business that can largely benefit from the visual aspect of Pinterest is the real estate industry. Real estate agents can use this social network for a number of purposes.

Real estate agents can use Pinterest to promote listings.

By posting high-resolution photos of their available properties, agents can appeal to a previously untapped group of people.  These quality images can give a wealth of information about an agent’s listings while highlighting areas of the home or property being showcased.

Agents can adopt an inbound marketing strategy using Pinterest.

Real estate agents can create educational content dealing with topics like interior design, staging tips, and moving ideas. They can then promote their own personal brand via social media.  By obtaining followers, your ideas can quickly be shared, sent and posted to other Pinterest users’ boards.  This free source of marketing can help increase visibility and connections to potential clients.

Pinterest can be an effective platform for the real estate agent to promote their community.

Before the potential buyer considers a house or apartment, they have a reason why this area is desirable.  This reason could involve starting a family, more affordable housing, better employment, or a love of the area itself. Agents can use Pinterest to visually demonstrate the appeal of their community and display the benefits of living there.  By including pictures of community amenities, shopping areas, or even the terrain, you can give your clients a wealth of information with just a few clicks.

Ultimately, Pinterest allows real estate agents to connect with potential home buyers on a personal level.

By developing their own account and various boards, a real estate agent can display diverse and engaging content, using their advanced industry knowledge and individual social personality. Interacting with home searchers and other agents on Pinterest can lead to more professional and personal connections.

A real estate agent should utilize multiple social media platforms to display their listings, show their personality, and make connections. Because the real estate industry is so visually driven, Pinterest is one of the perfect avenues for agents to increase their number of listings and sold properties. Since beautiful images and visual calls-to-action can help increase ROI, utilizing the combination of Pinterest along with the other visually appealing marketing strategies can increase ways to reach potential clients.

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