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The Power of Sharing a Video & Client Testimonial

When a potential client is searching for a real estate brokerage or agent, what sets you apart in their minds from the competition?  Consumers expect real estate professionals to pat themselves on the back as the best, so what tends to get their attention more are client testimonials that “speak” to your potential clients.  Particularly if they go beyond, “Joe Agent was a pleasure to work with, did a great job…”, and more generic statements.  Those that zero on in a real issue that you resolved, that other consumers can relate to, have a much bigger impact.

Posting a high quality and engaging video of that nature could get your business the extra attention it needs quite easily.  Done right, video testimonials have the power to create a feeling of personal engagement, and could be the online equivalent of meeting face to face.

Let’s say a client receives your home estimate postcard in the mail (see an example at   If they are considering making an appointment with you for a CMA, they may want to look into your reputation beforehand. A link to a video could be just the thing to give them a little more confidence to call your office immediately.

Here are a few easy tips that will allow your video to speak volumes with a click of the play button.

Utilize the video to do a short introduction of yourself, your business info, and what you do best. 

There is nothing like putting a face with a name.  Keep your intro short and succinct yet allow yourself to do a proper introduction of your business and what makes you stand out amongst the rest. Many times this will be your first impression so make it a great one!

Include past clients in your video to share their positive experiences.

This is the information that potential clients want to hear.  How did the process really go?  Did you deliver the services you promised?  Were you easy to work with?  Did you listen to the needs of your clients and tailor your services to them? If the answer to these questions are YES, then you have a found some invaluable segments to your video.

Use a variety of homes or settings as the background of your videos.

Why not show potential clients the beautiful locations that are in your area?  If you are allowed to, show off some of your listings.  Use your area’s resources to showcase some iconic backdrops that make your area the ideal location.

Share across all of your social media outlets. 

Make sure you link your video to relevant status updates, tweets, and posts within your social media outlets. You will not only be getting your name out to the public but you will also be spreading the word about the quality of your services.  Followers can easily share and comment as well resulting in the possibility of more leads.

Keep your video updated. 

From time to time, use a new testimonial, backdrop, or intro to keep the video content fresh.  This could also be a way to highlight new areas or services that you provide for your clients.

Videos are a powerful tool that allow viewers to connect to your business immediately.  By taking the time to plan out an engaging video that appeals to a variety of viewers across a variety of social outlets, you can turn those viewers into real life, satisfied clients.



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