Are You Ready for A Direct Mail Campaign?


There’s a simple truth about direct mail marketing; it works. When you send your message through the mail, people are more likely to read, remember, and act on it. Incredible, right? Shouldn’t everyone immediately get their postcards in the mail?

Perhaps, but before your mailings hit the first mailbox, your online presence needs to be evaluated. Prospects are going to want to research you before making their first contact, so you should be prepared for a close inspection.

What should you be watching for? Aside from a professional look and some essential features like the ability to browse recent listings, make sure it’s easy for prospective clients to reach you. This means not only creating a contact form, but also creating a system for quick response. You’re likely not going to be sitting at your computer to immediately respond, so consider setting up an automated response with an estimated call time.

Ensure there is consistency across each platform a prospect is likely to visit. This doesn’t mean your mailing has to have the exact same color scheme as your site, but rather that your message is uniform. Determine the reasons that someone should work with you rather than a competitor, and make those reasonings the driving force behind your mailings, website, email marketing, phone calls and social media presence.

A uniform message opens the door to integrated marketing. Your direct mailing can send prospects to your site, your social media platforms, or even your phone, each option providing them with slightly different information and interaction. Perhaps you’re offering a home evaluation via phone, a contest on social media, or the newest listings on your website. Tailor your mailings to send prospects to your most active and attractive platform.


Regardless of where the lead goes, the information they receive should flow naturally from the mailing. Consider the postcard your introduction to these leads, and your website the continuing conversation. Take a step back and see if someone with no information other than what was on your postcard would be able to naturally navigate your site.

Finally, ensure a tracking system is already in place. Knowing why leads are reaching out can help you create the best mailing system for your agency. Maybe you only had a few extra leads when your call to action was “VIsit My Site,” but when you told leads they could get a free home valuation, your phone ran off the hook. Knowing what works helps you do less work more efficiently.


Once you’re ready for the influx of new leads, send out mailings early and often. Try different types and watch what is most successful for you. At Corefact, we organize our mailings by type, so you can try a few in every category until you find your ideal formula for lead generation.  Visit us here:

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