Being a YouTube Real Estate Guru



YouTube has encouraged an unprecedented level of visual media sharing. YouTube reaches more adults aged 18-34 than any cable network. And it’s no wonder. Every minute, another 100 hours of video are uploaded, and the site boasts over 1 billion unique users.  After years of analysis and millions of streaming hours, the verdict is in. People love to watch…funny cats.

As a professional hoping to use video to expand your business, the pertinent question becomes how can you compete with Miss Whiskers? While you likely can’t hope to achieve the same level of fame as a cat sleeping in a shoe box, creative topics and professional looking edits can help make your work stand apart.

Introduce The Neighborhood

Because all real estate is regional, and differences in communities can translate to big differences in who will search for a home in the area, many viewers will appreciate an introduction to the different communities. You can feature each of the areas you represent in a separate video, explaining the virtues of becoming part of the neighborhood.

Introduce Your Process

Many home buyers, first time or not, are not completely prepared for the complexities of buying a house. In a short video, you can introduce yourself and explain what steps you will take with the client to ensure the move happens smoothly. This is a great opportunity to emphasize that a real estate professional’s job extends far beyond a simple home showing.

Introduce Home Architecture

Whether there’s a fabulous, historic home in your area or a variety of modern houses, many home owners would be interested to learn what different styles are available to them. This video is especially effective if different neighborhoods favor different home styles. A detailed explanation of each style can help your buyer narrow his focus to homes in which he or she will be truly interested.

Introduce the Market

As a seasoned professional, you are no doubt able to take stock of home prices and market conditions in your area and evaluate how they will affect your clients. However, even with the relevant information, many homeowners aren’t able to understand this data’s impact. Why not explain it to them in a format that is down to earth and easily accessible and understandable? Video allows you to explain even complex topics with ease, using props, charts, or anything else that is helpful.

Introduce Homeownership

Video posts do not need to be targeted solely to those who are looking to buy or sell a home in the near future. Because referrals are a powerful way to generate leads, it can be equally important to stay relevant to recent clients. Videos explaining home maintenance or even tax filing after buying a home can be very useful. The strong relationships that you have created throughout the home buying process can be maintained and even strengthened through video.

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