Does Direct Mail Work?



You were hoping for more information? We have study after study backing us up, plus some basic common sense. On average, your prospects will receive 27 emails in their personal account alone. Include business email, and that number easily doubles.

On the other hand, each person receives an average of three pieces of mail a day. If you’re looking to help your business make a big impact, it’s clear which format you should be using. Not only will your message stand apart from the din, customers actually prefer to receive offers and news through direct mail.

Why this preference?

Direct mail makes prospects and clients feel more valued. Mass emails are all-too common and it requires little additional effort to add one more email, so being added to an email list is often perceived as negative. Direct mail, however, requires somewhat more effort, especially if the mailing is personalized with a name and other information. Receivers rightly feel that those who take the time to create a mailing truly do care about their clients.

What’s more, the tactile act of holding a physical piece of paper rather than reading on a screen is scientifically proven to make a message more memorable. Consumers are able to connect emotionally with the physical message, making it more likely they’ll act on that brand when presented with it later. Online, the message is often quickly and easily forgotten.

Finally, you can’t argue with the numbers. ROI from direct mail far surpasses that of email or other virtual media. Studies consistently show that viewers are nearly 30 times more likely to act on a direct mailing than an email. This may be because of the emotional connection direct mail creates or it may be because, while an email is often deleted or ignored, direct mail that is relevant to the home often stays in the household for a full month. During that time, the family is constantly reminded of the services offered on the mailing.


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