A Personality Check



Real estate agents know that the art of getting a client is all about selling yourself as the expert you are. Your brand is your name, and you work hard to cultivate a noteworthy presence around that. But personal and professional presence are different, and keeping them separate requires walking a fine line.



One opportunity for your personality to shine through is in your blog. You are speaking to the internet audience at large much as you would be speaking to a seminar or other large event. Throwing in some jokes and personal insights is not only acceptable, it livens up the post.

These personal anecdotes are wonderful when you’re talking about experiences in your professional life. A story about how you were able to turn an unsellable home into a hotspot builds your credibility (assuming you change all names and keep your clients information confidential). Occasional personal posts, stories about your family or personal experience that homeowners, buyers or sellers can relate to can also help create a personal connection; things like a current gardening dilemma and how you resolved it.  But remember, even if it’s a more personal post, and you’re putting a lot of your personality into it, always maintain a certain level of professionalism.


About Us Pages:

About us pages are a great place to interject extra personality. These are designed to showcase what unique talents you bring to your clients, so why not add some extra flare? While these aren’t ideal for stories, they’re perfect for speaking as you would in a face-to-face meeting.

It’s tempting to use this space to throw around jargon and establish yourself as just as good as any huge real estate company. However, clients are looking for a more personal touch. One of your best attributes as a single real estate agent is the ability to provide one-on-one time. Use your about us page to speak in comfortable terms, gently showing your client who you are.


Social Media:

Because of the real-time conversational tone of social media, this is the perfect time to be yourself. Funny, interesting, and witty comments get the most interaction. It’s even better if you can add pictures that you take that are also relevant to your work. It’s easy to be seen as a hard-working and active agent when you have photographic proof.

One of the best ways to keep the right tone is to develop a business personality. Consider how you want your clients to view you and work backwards to create the right tone. Once you know how you want to be seen, it’s easier to understand what should be said.

Often, the way you would act in an office with a client is the way you want to act online. If you’re unpracticed with online posting, consider having a coworker read your writing before you post it. If you read it yourself, you’re likely to put tone and inflection in it that may not be readily apparent through just the written word. Once you’re comfortable with your business personality, post to your hearts content and showcase who you are to your clients.


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