Going Postal, A Podcast for Real Estate Marketing



Corefact’s Director of Sales, Sierra Stewart recently did a podcast with Dave McGuire for “The Real Estate Agent Podcast,” his free audio cast for real estate agents “to learn what works and what doesn’t without having to waste a ton of money in the process.”

Dave M

Dave’s journey into real estate began when he was forced out of a job in Retail Management in 2003. Finding another job in Retail Management proved difficult at the time so Dave turned to something he was more passionate about: Real Estate Finance.

He worked as a Loan Officer for 5 years and eventually specialized in helping distressed homeowners keep their homes through refinance. With the mortgage industry turned upside down in 2007-2008, Dave was able to take the knowledge he had gained in working with banks and real estate agents and formed a successful short sale negotiation company which later became Northwest Debt Management. He continues to help distressed homeowners and other agents with short sales and contributes to the short sale related website www.shortsalelaws.net.

Dave became a licensed real estate agent in 2011 and continued his focus on short sales but has since then began to expand his real estate career into other areas.

Dave started using Corefact recently and is having such great success that he wanted to share that success with his audience through a direct interview with Sierra. It’s full of a lot of great information you can use in your own real estate business.  Be sure to check it out:



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