Are Your Leads Hearing More Than “Yada-yada-yada…” in Your Communications?



Do you fall into the trap of accumulating hundreds of leads through your website and networking, only to send them generic emails that, at most, are personalized with a name on the greeting line? As consumers become increasingly tech-savvy, they are able to recognize these types of connections and may doubt your commitment to their particular needs.

The solution to this is to organize leads so you have the ability to reach out in specific ways to specific people. In a perfect world, every lead would get their own contact, you could talk about their children’s achievements, recent job promotions, and how cute their cat is, bringing it all back to how you are perfect for their unique situation, but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

A more reasonable strategy is to organize your leads into subgroups, then tailor your connections based on group. For example, you could make note of particular neighborhoods buyers are interested in, then send market information about homes and open houses in those areas. It’s personalized information, but on a manageable level. Corefact makes it easy with our great selection of postcards – from a series directed specifically to Seniors, to Major League team schedules for the baseball lovers on your list — and everything in between!

Similarly, you can organize leads by their budget restrictions, must-have amenities, or time frame. Because many buyers know what they want, showing you recognize their desires and are willing to meet them can highlight your professional abilities. Our “Have Buyers”, Just Listed/Just Sold, Market Updates, Home Value offer and many other cards could be an ideal match in these cases.

Separating what the leads say they want, each one is also going to experience their own set of difficulties. Some are going to have to stage with young children, others have a short time frame or a limited down payment. You already have strategies to help overcome these difficulties, so if you organize by potential hurdles, you can pre-emptively help leads, showcasing what an asset you would be as their agent.

There is no one right way to organize your leads, but having some sort of system immediately allows you to present yourself as a caring, thoughtful professional who takes the time to truly get to know the need of each of her clients. What’s more, establishing this system can even help get referrals from past clients.

As you work with each client, you learn aspects of their life that will continue long after they’ve settled into their new home. Learning that a client is an avid skier may or may not be important to finding them a home, but if you find an interesting article about skiing and send it along a year after you’ve finished working with the client, you remind him that you are still a caring and passionate professional. When it’s time for this ex-client to upgrade their home or they’re asked for a recommendation for a friend who’s moving, your name will quickly come up.

In short, choose a system that works for you, and keep your records. You don’t need to remember every fact about your leads or clients, but recording and using what you know can have huge payoffs long-term.  Check out all the great options available in Corefact postcards, there’s sure to be many relevant to your needs.


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