Writer’s Block Keeping You From Sending Newsletters?


Whether you send out monthly updates or quarterly reviews, a newsletter is a great way to keep your contacts current on your business, the neighborhood, and anything else they may need to know.  But are you scratching your head over doing a newsletter out of fear you won’t have enough to write about?  Some tips here:

Start by utilizing what you already know; location, location, location. You have neighborhoods that you know like the back of your hand. You know where the community pool is, when the soccer team plays, and what the school colors are. Devote a section of your newsletter either to showcasing proud moments in the neighborhood or to giving details about community events. Anything that displays town pride is perfect for this section.

Next, you can target buyers and sellers more directly with an advice section. Home staging, financing, and searching are all things that may not be intuitive to others, but you’re likely very comfortable with. This section gives those who are actively in the housing market a concrete benefit to reading your words of wisdom.

Consider including a section targeted to homeowners. While they may not be searching for a new home now, building connections with neighborhood residents will both bolster your reputation within the community and make it more likely that if a friend or relative wants to move to town, your newsletter and name will be passed on. Then, of course, when that homeowner decides it’s time for a change of scenery, you’ll have been helping and guiding her from the beginning.

Finally, take some time to really put your talents centerstage. If you have a niche market, you can have a section devoted to their needs. An aging-friendly, young mothers, empty-nesters, or some other specific section will speak to your target audience, helping them feel comfortable that you understand and can accommodate their needs and wishes. If you don’t have a niche market, you can still play on your specialities. Are you great at explaining the financial side of real estate? What about the home staging side? Create a section that lets you delve a little deeper into the area you are most passionate about.

Wrap up your newsletter with some personalization. You want to keep a professional tone throughout, but letting your reader see the real you can have a strong humanizing effect. Add a quote of the month, favorite story, or some other short line that cracks open the door to your personality.

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