Boosting Curb Appeal With Flower Power


As a real estate agent, you’ve likely been in the position of trying to sell a home with a lot of potential, but the curb appeal may be lacking. There isn’t time or money to do a complete facelift, so the question is, how do you make a drab exterior sell? Spice it up with flowers!

Types of Flowers

Unless you’re lucky enough to be working with a client with a green thumb, your seller may need you to provide some specific names of what to buy. Consider making up a standard list of options so you don’t have to dig for ideas every time. If you have some personal favorites, add those, but we recommend campanulas, dianthus, geraniums, or phlox for spring and early summer, yarrow, coreopsis, daylilies, or rudbeckia for midsummer, and asters, penstemon, or mums for fall. Once you have a list, you can ask your client to pick up two or three types and get to planting.

Color Coordination

Many types of flowers come in a variety of colors, so your client is going to have a lot to choose from. Make it easier on them by recommending shades that compliment the exterior of the home. For extra pop, recommend colors of different intensities. A deep blue will match beautifully with a light purple, and the difference in shade will draw the eye straight to these natural beauties. Plus, it’s easy for your client to choose one dark color and another light color, even if they make little aesthetic sense.

Make it Professional

Your client is probably not interested in hiring a professional gardener, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t encourage a professional look. Often, this is as simple as adding a layer of mulch to the flower bed. The fresh touch will take the garden to a whole new level. Make the effect even more obvious with some edging. If the mulch is evened out by running a spade around the edge, the garden becomes more defined.


Foliage is often the last thing your clients will think about when discussing gardening, but it can be important. For particularly large garden areas or homes with a empty-looking space on the exterior wall, you may want to recommend planting a shrub or bush. It adds levels and layers to the appearance of the home, creating a complex and interesting appearance. At the very least, however, the grass should be growing and the existing trees should be well-kempt. Whether fake grass, re-seeding, or some other lawn care is necessary, your client has to find a way to get rid of any brown patches.


Though none of these changes are particularly difficult, your client may not think about all or any of these adaptations. To emphasize your position as a resource for clients, why not have these ideas ready to go either on a flyer or through email? Your client can get to work immediately, and you won’t have to do additional work repeating these steps. You can personalize as needed, but for the most part, you’ll simply have more attractive homes to sell.


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