Creating Privacy with Landscaping


While landscaping is often used solely to make the yard and home more beautiful, it can also be a perfect way to provide a little extra privacy, which potential home buyers generally appreciate and look for in a home.  Share these strategic planting tips with sellers and clients looking to create a beautiful, natural privacy boundary.

Perimeter Walls

Nothing says privacy as thoroughly as a wall between a home and the outside world.  However, you don’t have to resort to eyesores that will make you feel closed off.  If you prefer wooden fences, add colors that match the motif of the yard.  Consider rustic colors that flow into the style of the patio furniture.  You can also use shrubs to create a lush, green perimeter.  However, be ready to invest either time or money into maintaining these plantings.

You can also opt for a combination stone/wood fence.  Create a stable layer of stone as the base, then incorporate a wooden fence halfway up.  The effect will be unusual and beautiful, while still creating substantial privacy.

Layered Plantings

For larger yards, it would require less maintenance to install a series of evergreens, shrubs, and perennials.  You can make a layered appearance by placing tallest plants toward the end of the yard, and gradually reduce the height as you get closer to your house.  The smaller plants will create a natural, forested look, and the larger plants will provide more privacy and shade.

Deck Privacy

For large decks, you can add a layer of complexity by dividing the area into sections.  One area can be for eating, another for cooking, and another for lounging.  One great way to do this is to create natural dividers by installing potted plants as small walls.  You’ll create different levels of privacy and intimacy.  If the plants are installed in dividers that are movable, you can even rearrange the deck to fit the needs of various parties.


One of the best things you can do to add some flair to your privacy wall is incorporate designs.  Try ironwork embedded into the wall which will not only have great designs, but also cast intricate shadows on the lawn.  For a greater addition of color, add mosaicked tiles or painted ceramic tiles.  If you want to use a natural color, you can encourage ivy to grow over wooden, lattice-like panels that will bloom as they grow.  Not only will they be gorgeous, they will keep some noise from the neighbors out of your yard.


You can also opt to keep a fairly open yard, but chose one smaller area to screen in.  Incorporating a large gazebo or pagoda can give you the opportunity to include both a small wall for the enclosure, and a full screen to shield you even from the bugs.

No matter how you choose to safeguard your yard and create more privacy, landscaping is a beautiful option for doing so.

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