Integrating Online Marketing with Direct Mailing

Technology has made it easier than ever for professionals to display their message, credentials, and services. For real estate, 90% of home seekers will use the internet to search for homes at some point in the buying process. Yet consumers consistently say they prefer to learn about businesses and opportunities through direct mail. The best marketers, therefore, integrate both on and offline marketing to maximize their influence.

Use direct mail as your introduction to leads.  With Corefact marketing and lead generation technology, you know what your response rate is and your ROI. Our collection of postcards are eye catching and provide value to potential leads, whether through a Market Update, Home Estimate offer, or advisement of a Just Listed or Just Sold.  We have seasonal, holiday, and a new line of Spanish postcards.  See all our designs at

You likely already include a call to action on all your communications, both offline and on, but you can simplify that action with some technological tools.

Add a QR code that sends viewers directly to your website. Since you have much more space to explain who you are and what you do online, you can limit the information you put on the mailing. It should be eye-catching and give people a reason to scan your code, but you don’t have to overfill it with text that can be conveyed on your site.

Once on your site, you can easily collect contact information. Ask your site visitors to fill out a form giving some details about themselves, and explain what benefits you’ll provide such as market updates or free consultations.

With basic lead information, you can create a system wherein you use direct mail, email, and calls to cultivate the lead. Studies show that 81% of leads will decide to become clients only after 5 contacts. Direct mail can easily be two or three of those contacts. If the lead indicates they have children, have mailings ready that give tips for a smooth move with kids. If they want a condo, send a prepared mailing about the differences between condo and single-family home purchasing. With a library of information at hand, you can send specific information that will personalize your interactions with your lead.

Over 75% of people say they will delete email that appears to be advertisements without reading it. Avoid that by pairing your direct mailings with emails that will help your lead, rather than overtly selling yourself. A newsletter can provide much needed information without coming across as pushy. You can also rely on email for time-sensitive information like announcing a new listing that your lead may be interested in.

Through it all, encourage your lead to be looking for your next communication. On direct mailings, instruct them to watch for your newsletter or market updates over email. You’ll be presenting yourself as a comprehensive, organized, and reliable professional, helping your lead feel more comfortable working with you.

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