Marketing for a New Year

In 2013, the real estate market experienced some incredible transitions. In 2014, buyers and sellers are likely to continue to take advantage of the evolving market, making it vital for real estate professionals to plan their marketing strategy before the year even begins. Expansion in any one of a variety of markets will help further your reach throughout the new year.

Regional Expansion

Real estate certainly is a regional field, but that doesn’t mean you’re restricted to the same areas in which you’ve already worked. Beginning to work in new zip codes and even small neighborhoods where you currently have little presence can dramatically increase the number of people you reach. Of course, this expansion is never as simple as doing the same thing in new places. Different areas have unique characteristics, so before advertising in a new area, take the time to learn the intricacies of the neighborhoods.

Online Expansion

With over 90% of home buyers and sellers using the internet as a resource for their home search, an online presence is a vital part of a real estate professional’s toolkit. In addition to maintaining and improving one’s own website, different social media forums are ideal for reaching a variety of demographics. Those who use Facebook are not necessarily the same as those who use LinkedIn, so expand your reach to as many forums as possible. As you contribute meaningful expertise to these sites, people are able to share their opinion of you, enabling you to personally connect on a wide scale.

Analytical Expansion

A vital step in these expansions is analyzing what has worked and what needed improvement in 2013. If a social media campaign or promotional competition was what brought most people to your door, why not repeat the effort? Similarly, knowing what didn’t work can help you either improve certain processes or abandon those routes that seem fruitless. When you make first contact with your leads, ask what brought them to your business in particular. The results may surprise you.

Brand Expansion

Each time you send an email, post on a site, or make a call, you are using your name. That name is the most powerful thing you own. Both you and your clients should be able to build that name up to ensure that your brand is as strong as your business. Unfortunately, a real estate professional’s name seldom comes up in conversation unless a home sale is being discussed.

One way to help your name appear more frequently is simply by making it more present in the community. Participating in community events, from school fairs to parades, keeps your name on the mind of everyone in the town, making it much easier for people to keep talking about what a wonderful job you’ve done. Similarly, send annual holiday greetings and home anniversary congratulations to keep your name relevant.

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