Save Money With Year-End Connections

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During the final weeks of the years, you’ll be using personal time to reconnect and bond with those friends and family closest to you, so why not expand your business connections during work time as well?  This time of year, you can reach both new and existing clients and leads more easily than ever.

Many of your new leads are actually generated by older clients. 85% of real estate clients say that they would recommend their real estate professional to a friend, yet a significantly smaller portion actually do.  The reason for the discrepancy?  Oftentimes, it’s a simple lack of relevancy. A real estate professional who is only helpful during the home buying and selling process is unlikely to be thought of when that client is happily situated in their home.

Year-end provides a chance to stay current in the minds of previous clients. Simply sending out a New Year’s greeting card, personalized with their name and relevant market information can encourage clients to look back fondly on all the ways you’ve helped them. It is a nice gesture that ensures your name is the first that comes to mind when they’re looking for real estate help.

Social gatherings are also more common this time of year. Because real estate in particular is a localized field, community events present a great networking opportunity. A holiday party at a local community center, for example, will allow you to meet people who may soon need to sell their home in the area or who are hoping to bring friends and relatives into the town. At the very least, this party will help you more deeply understand the culture and dynamics of the community.


Corefact’s great selection of New Year’s postcards offer you a chance to both get your greeting out, along  with valuable information, like a market update.  Or combine your greeting with a Just Sold announcement.   See our New Year’s cards here:

We look forward to contributing to your phenomenal success in the New Year! 

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