Does your marketing take a 360-degree approach?

It’s not just a buzzword.  To practice 360-degree marketing is to have a marketing plan that is both online and offline, on social media, and more. It’s a holistic approach that truly covers all the bases.

Remember the old adage that it takes seven times for a person to see a message before it actually makes an impression that sticks. In today’s digital world that message needs to approach your audience from different angles, for disruption purposes if for nothing else. But how do you decide where to place your limited marketing dollars, time and effort?

The one thing you don’t want to do is to stop using traditional marketing methods. Stopping the spending of time and money on traditional marketing, i.e. newspaper advertising, direct mail and other such marketing methods is a mistake. You have to continue to invest in marketing that matches up to your consumers.

The inline media strategy says that you have to be “inline” with your clients. In other words not specifically offline or online, but marketing efforts that are inline with consumer behavior and expectations. Go with consumer behavior.

Consumer behavior now? Go local and be real. Social networking supports this but so does advertising in the local print pub. Overdoing it in one area or the other will just give you a headache.

Are some of your clients still looking at the newspaper? Are they still reading their so-called snail mail? Do they still pull flyers from yards signs? I would say that the answer is yes. It is necessary to combine campaigns and cross promote for the best result.

Look at what media you are in, and then look at what your target audience is consuming. Are your clients on Facebook and Twitter? Do you promote your blog? What’s the effort for the return? Yes, it takes time in all marketing efforts and I’m not saying you should not invest time into social networking online, just remember to spend a “portion” of your total marketing time and dollars on it.

You have one media budget that probably hasn’t increased but yet you have all these new media in which to market. Apply the same good marketing rules with new media as old media: be where your target customer is.

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