Minimizing Winter Home Buying Freeze

Nationwide, the downfall of snow has already begun. Whether this is a good thing or not depends mostly on perspective. For teenagers trying to get out of algebra, there is much celebrating. For Realtors trying to encourage buyers to see a home, there is much frustration.

This winter, many real estate professionals are feeling even more anxiety because of the unusual real estate climate in which we find ourselves. Winter weather has turned few buyers away, and the demand for housing has stayed strong in many areas. Keeping your clients’ homes attractive is absolutely necessary this season in order to stand out and attract those serious buyers.


One of the most important steps is reducing snow and ice in critical areas. It’s worthwhile to discuss with your client what methods he uses and when needed, suggest improvements to his system.  Many homeowners rely solely on shoveling and overlook essentials like laying sand out before a frost. A detailed discussion with your client can help keep potential buyers safe this season.



Once safety is taken care of, you can turn your focus on beautifying the home. Staging the outdoors is especially hard this season, but there are ways to overcome the brown lawn and scant colors.  While blooming flowers are the best way to incorporate colors to the outdoors, a similar effect can be achieved by creating rock gardens with decoratively organized stones.  To add some greenery, you can use the holiday season to your advantage by decorating the front door and various other places with wreaths and evergreens.

Indoors, you likely already have a vision for how the furniture should be rearranged, but the feel of the home is especially important in the winter. Many buyers are in a particularly sour mood as they dodge icy patches and melted sludge. Creating an environment that is not only pleasant, but actually cheers up buyers is essential. Warmth can be highlighted by a roaring fireplace or, at the very least, bright, welcoming lights. Each corner can be made brighter by encouraging your client to switch their light bulbs for white lights.


Additionally, the extra warmth makes it easy to spread pleasant aromas throughout the home. Fruits smell natural and pleasant, so why not offer some hot apple cider with orange wedges? The heated drink will carry its smell through whatever room it is in, while the tangy citrus odor will put home viewers in a buying mood.

It’s true that winter presents extra challenges for real estate professionals, but strategy and perseverance can help you capitalize on this year’s unique winter demand.

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