Business Use of LinkedIn

While Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are all recognized forums to exchange both personal and professional ideas, LinkedIn has been less used by businesses. This development is somewhat ironic considering LinkedIn is meant to connect business people.

Who Uses LinkedIn

It’s true that LinkedIn has fewer users than other social media sites. Despite its relatively smaller size, LinkedIn holds great potential for connecting with professionals. Each of the almost 50 million American users are adult professionals, most with higher-than-average incomes. The average salary of a LinkedIn user is over $100k, and the majority of users have not only college, but some level of graduate school on their resume. You are not likely to run into teenagers looking to share gossip, but rather adults who are able to make serious purchases and become long-term clients.

How to Share on LinkedIn

All social media sites have some way to establish your business as a credible source. Likes, Shares, and Reposts are all tools your clients can use to express their interest and propagate your company as a reliable business. On LinkedIn, the most basic level of this are endorsements. All it takes is the click of a button for someone to endorse you and for you to endorse them back. While it is useful to accumulate as many endorsements as possible, a more powerful tool is recommendations. For someone to recommend you, they have to write a short piece about why your services are worthy of a recommendation. These pieces are simplified versions of an employer’s recommendation letter, and carry significantly more weight. Writing a recommendation requires effort and work, so any client who exerts that effort must be truly satisfied with your business.

What to Post on LinkedIn

The different audience of LinkedIn is expecting a different approach than other social media sites. Visitors to LinkedIn are generally there for a purpose. They have little patience for advertisements or self-aggrandizing. Instead, adding value and posting usable information is what is most appreciated. You can start or join discussions about your field or related fields. Additionally, by following discussions that are relevant to your business, you can insert useful information and expand the range of your influence.

As more people recognize your authority on LinkedIn and your reach continues to grow, you will be able to accumulate more recommendations and develop new professional connections. A strong LinkedIn presence will enhance your online profile, opening more opportunities for your business.

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