Print Is Not Dead

Contrary to what might be popular belief, print marketing is not dead. Technology has provided new life for print in many ways. Using new technologies, like Corefact does, you can now have your print marketing (at least your direct mail) speak directly to your audience using pieces of information like their name, their home address, homes that have sold nearby and just about anything you can stick into a database. The possibilities are endless. And on the other side, people are getting bombarded by emails and social media and if you are using direct mail as part of your farming, you are actually breaking through all the digital media noise.  Here are the top five print media that you should be using:

  1. Property flyers – this is still a must. A well put together property flyer is not only impressive to sellers, but applies to two audiences: consumers and other real estate agents. You hold a broker open house, you perhaps hold consumer open houses; you show the property to potential buyers; other agents show the property to potential buyers. There has to be something printed that has the details of the property so people can remember it. If it’s a luxury property then the ante is upped.
  2. Open house announcements – if you hold open houses, you have to announce them some way. If there’s any use for the newspaper, it’s the open house section that still remains a staple in a buyer’s repertoire because they can’t find a real compendium of local open houses online. It is also recommended to send a postcard to the neighbors or other targeted area announcing an open house.
  3. Just sold cards – there was a direct mail study done not that long ago that showed just sold cards got more inquiries than just listed cards because of the activity they show. If you are working a neighborhood and attempting to get listings in that neighborhood you should send just sold cards.
  4. Past client touch points – I’m sure you are sending email messages to past clients to stay in touch, but you need an offline way to keep contact as well. Vehicles such as market reports, newsletters and other printed media that you can send to past clients on a regular basis.
  5. Community newspapers – you might think it old-fashioned but local, community newspapers still offer value for exposing you as a Realtor and your property listings. Plus you are indirectly supporting your community by utilizing a local paper, which creates goodwill among your target audiences.

Get out the defibrillator, there’s still life there.

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