Inside SEO for Real Estate

You’ve likely put a good deal of thought into your website. It is your shot to introduce yourself, display what you have to offer, and give leads a taste of what they can expect when they work with you. Before any of that can happen, you’ve got to bring people to your website. When people search for real estate in your locality, it’s important that they find your website as one of the top rated one. To accomplish that, your site likely needs search engine optimization (SEO).


Linking back to your website is an important aspect of SEO. The more inbound links you have, the higher you will likely rank. Comment on other people’s blogs with relevant connections to your site. Link to relevant sites on your own blogs. Go to real estate websites and post your links there. The only caution is make sure you have something relevant to say along with your links, otherwise search engines may read your posts as spam and actually decrease your ranking.

Social Media

Social media, especially those run by Google (i.e. Google+, YouTube), can be powerful tools for improving your SEO. When you post on social media, all your followers will hear what you have to say. What makes it especially useful is that if any one of your followers decides to repost what you originally put, you gain a whole new group of people who are hearing from you, possibly for the first time. If any of those decide to repost, the cycle continues. The potential for forming new leads is phenomenal.


The primary way search engines are able to determine what content your site offers searchers is by keywords. The more accurately you can provide search terms your users are likely to use, the more highly you’ll be ranked. Putting particular keywords in your blogs and web content will help search engines send the right demographic of people to your site.

Ease of Access

One fundamental part of SEO that is often overlooked is how easy it is for a search engine to navigate your site. Providing a site map is a huge help for searchers. That way, users can be directed to the part of your site that is most relevant to them. For example, if a user is searching for “new homes in the San Francisco area” and you have a section specifically for new homes and another specifically for San Francisco neighborhoods, your site is more likely to rank highly in searches. Additionally, choose your url carefully. If you can find one that is relevant to your field and easy to input, search engines will recognize it more easily. Keywords in your url will rank more highly than keywords in your web content.

SEO is an important aspect of real estate marketing. For many, it is difficult to assess how well their own site is preparing for searches. Working with someone who can perform professional analytics on your site can help you optimize your site and drive more traffic.

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