Curb Appeal for Autumn Selling

Autumn is a season that is rife with colors, changes, and smells. Though the temperature is starting to drop, it’s still a great time to be outside. When your clients are trying to sell their home, that means buyers will wander the patio and examine the garden more than they would in the winter. For an extra push to get buyers interested, there are a variety of home improvements you can suggest that your clients likely haven’t even considered.

Serious Overhauls

Sometimes, you step outside and can just count the ways your client’s yard is bringing their home value down. In those cases, it might be worthwhile to suggest major changes. Consider the option of pouring concrete slabs to create or repair a walkway. At the very least, the area may need to be resurfaced. Pond and pool maintenance and repair is often overlooked, but very much needed when selling a home. For the industrious among us, there is a chance even these improvements can be done by your client, but many will want to hire a contractor.

Moderate Overhauls

For less substantial changes, many homeowners will be willing to invest their time and/or money in beautifying their outdoors. One transformative change is the installation of a wall or fence. This can be done around the entire yard, or just a small area like a garden wall. The effect of this created boundary adds order and thoughtfulness to an otherwise wild looking yard. Garden walls also draw the eye to areas of beauty, highlighting the effort put into flowers and shrubs.

It is also relatively simple to repair or seal concrete cracks in patios and walkways. If the concrete slabs don’t need to be replaced, this option has the effect of a full upgrade with significantly less work. It may also be worthwhile to build a patio or walkway using concrete pavers or bricks. Rather than laying the concrete and needing it to harden, your client can use premade materials to bring order and comfort to the outdoors.

Minor Overhauls

Many upgrades are simple and easy for your client to complete, often in a single day. Examine all areas that are stained or painted to see if they need to be redone. This includes patios, fences, driveways, and even the siding around doors and windows. It goes without saying that all these areas should be cleaned and any outdoor tools and toys should be put away.

Gardens present an easy opportunity to improve the look of the outdoors. Even if your client doesn’t want to dig into the ground, you can suggest the use of decorative pebbles, stones, and rocks to create a decorative rock garden. To add a little life, wooden or concrete planters are simple and effective. An existing garden can be improved by adding a garden trestle or spending time weeding and mulching the area.

Each client has different needs, so real estate professionals can adapt their strategy and suggestions to fit the needs of that person. Often, clients simply don’t realize the effect these changes can have, and it’s worthwhile to point out what small changes can have big effects.

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