To Photo or Not to Photo: That is Not the Question

If you want to stir up the pot, just ask a group of real estate agents what they think about photos on business cards. Some agents will say that their face is their brand. Others will say that their face belongs in marketing materials because people will recognize them and know who they are. A business card with a face on it is friendlier than one without, so goes the argument.

Others will insist that having your face on a business card is just wrong — unprofessional, even. Would your doctor or lawyer have his or her photo on their business card? Plus, real estate isn’t about the agent, it’s about the home buyer or seller.

Wherever you stand on this photo/no photo issue, there are points to be made on both sides. It’s not a right or wrong answer. Pictures of agents are still so common on business cards that it is almost expected. It’s the quality of the business card and photo that is more important.

Don’t skimp on quality

A thin, flimsy business card is like a limp handshake. You should have cards that you feel good about. Consider a thick stock, printed in large type. With contact information overflow, consider providing only one phone number, because readability and ease of use are important.

Get a professional head shot

If you chose to use your picture you should have a professional headshot taken on a neutral or white background. You should wear business attire, leave the pets out of the picture, and avoid poses. Holding a cell phone is probably not going to impress anyone in this day and time.

Update your photo

This is a big one. It’s that little secret in the industry that no one talks about. We’ve all seen the Dorian Gray agent picture from 1987. It’s fooling no one and can actually become comical. If you decide to use a photo, you should update it every five years or so otherwise people won’t recognize you when they see you.

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