Taking Photos Buyers Will Notice

In today’s world, using pictures in real estate is not an option; it’s a necessity. Buyers are 74% more likely to be interested in a home if they can browse through online pictures. If the pictures are well taken, they can help a buyer fall in love with a home before they even set foot inside. They can also be informative, letting a buyer (and their agent) save time by correctly  assessing whether a house is a good candidate. All these results require quality photos, so it’s important to take the time to snap the perfect images.


You already know that more lighting means a better shot. Opening windows, turning on lights, and even switching florescent bulbs out for natural ones are all likely already in your bag of tricks. Adding a few more can give your pictures the extra oomph they need. Start by moving lamps so that all the dark corners are well lit. You may also want to invest in a separate flash, but rather than using it on the room in general, flash the ceiling as you take the photo. The reflected light will rain from above, just like natural sunlight.

Living Room Shots

A living room is the area of a home that people will spend the most time in. Because of that, when buyers see pictures of the living room, they’ll try to imagine their family coming together in this space. Making it look as large, open, and welcoming as possible will help their vision come to life. Try a few angles to see what makes the room look largest. It often helps to position the camera so there’s an expanse of carpet before the lens rather than furniture. It makes the room look more expansive.

Google Earth

Don’t waste your time trying to capture what’s already been done. Google has invested a lot of time into taking pictures of most areas of the country, so there’s a strong possibility your client’s home already has an aerial photo. If the neighborhood has large trees or some other feature that can be captured beautifully from above, see what Google Earth has to offer. Assuming it puts the home in a flattering light, consider incorporating it into your photo album.

Also consider investing in a quality camera to get high quality photographs on your own, without the expense of hiring a professional GoPro-Hero-32photographer. Time and strategy will help your photos be the best possible for your clients.

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