Apps For Every Realtor’s Toolbox

It seems like the world is connected through computers and almost everyone you meet is holding one in their pocket or bag in the form of a smart phone or tablet. In an effort to be the most efficient real estate professional possible, you’ve likely downloaded several apps or at least are quick to jump on the web to find information that will help you in the field. Make your efforts even more effective by downloading these apps and using them to their full potential.


As an easy and free file sharing application, dropbox is a must for anyone who works outside of the office. Whether you’re working with a client on alterations to a contract, storing contact information for a new lead, or saving pictures and video of a new home, you can save the data to dropbox on  your phone or tablet, then when you logon over your work or home computer, the files will be waiting for you. Moreover, any changes you make in one location are saved at every access point, so you never have to worry about flash drives or forgotten files again.

Scanner Software

There are so many options for scanning software, you can take your pick of what works best for you. But the truth is the ability to scan things away from your office is a must for real estate professionals. Documents that need signatures are rarely completed in the office and often need to be sent to multiple parties as quickly as possible. Skip the trip to your office scanner and scan and send in minutes with the right scanner app.


If you use Supra lock boxes, there is an incredible piece of software that will allow you to have instant access to information about who is visiting each of your client’s homes.  Downloading eKey will allow you to set alerts for each time a lock box is opened, so you always know which homes are being seen and when. You can also immediately answer questions that clients may have and even receive feedback from the agent who showed the home.


Scheduling showings and appointments is a major part of a real estate agent’s day. While standard calendar applications are useful, they often require a lot of input or don’t show the level of detail you want. Fantastical lets you record your appointments vocally so your appointments are done with a single sentence. You can even integrate your current calendar in with your new one, so there’s no lag time.

Real Estate Finder Programs

With the many different sites that make it easy for buyers to search properties, you can take advantage of of the collection of data provided by each one. Sites like Trulia provide access to information that is almost as comprehensive as the MLS, but takes less time to sort through. You can also ensure that your clients’ properties look as appealing as possible online. Often, these sites are potential buyers first point of contact with the property, so ensuring the information is correct and the photos are alluring is important.

Integrating the newest and best applications into your everyday work will let you work more quickly and efficiently. Explore the different features of each application so you can capitalize on all they have to offer.

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