Communicating Energy Efficiency Loud and Clearly

An energy efficient home is not only a bonus for the environment, it also is a feature that many of today’s buyers are looking for and can add significant value to the home.  Once clients have made environmentally friendly upgrades, the job of real estate professionals is to communicate each of these features effectively to the buyers.  A few simple techniques can make explaining those features a breeze.

Home Energy Audits

Start the process by encouraging home sellers to partake in a home energy audit.  The auditor will be able to explain which home features are providing the most value, as well as what areas could be easily improved.  Make the report available to potential buyers, and include any energy efficient changes your client made as a result of the report.  This can be particularly useful for homes that are 10 or more years old, because often a new appliance or two can completely transform the energy efficiency of the entire house.

Neighborhood Efficiency

Energy can be saved not only in the home, but in the neighborhood as well.  If the house is walking distance to a grocery store, pharmacy, park, or any other popular attraction, then the occupant can save gas and even incorporate exercise by taking advantage of the close quarters.  When you explain to buyers the virtues of the neighborhood, be sure to include the distance by walking of these various stores, as well as any nearby hiking trails or wooded paths.


A simple way to make heating and cooling more efficient is to replace old windows with models that are better insulators.  However, the change is often not visually noticeable to those on a home tour.  Help home buyers out by using placards near these features, explaining that their beauty hides their energy efficiency. Draw the curtains back and position the cards where they will be easily seen as buyers glance out to the yard.

Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat is one of the most useful tools that an energy-conscious home can install.  Reducing the output when buyers are out or asleep helps minimize both environmental and fiscal impact.  The ability to do so automatically is a brilliant way to integrate environmental responsibility with technology.  Frame a list of the best features of a thermostat and display it in an obvious location.

Direct Contact

An energy efficient home is a precious commodity.  They often sell for more money and leave the market quicker than their less efficient counterparts.  To capitalize on this, make sure buyers are well aware of the fact that you have an energy efficient home available.  Send emails that explain the various upgrades, as well as direct postcard mailings and flyers that explain how much energy and water is saved annually with these improvements.

Spending time to determine what features are efficient and how you’ll communicate that information can help make the home selling process easier and more profitable.

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