Are Your Marketing Emails Being Read?

An email campaign is a great way to quickly and inexpensively reach out to your leads and clients.  However, it’s also easy to end up in your leads’ spam filter or be immediately deleted without your lead even reading what you created.  Real estate emails typically average an 18.48% open rate.  If you want to beat the odds, there are several strategies you can employ.


Automated emails are easily spotted, no matter how well written.  As much as possible, send an email designed for each individual lead.  You can automate the first contact, but then let them know you’ll be following up with a personal communication.  Additionally, send your emails from a person, not a company or brokerage.  Emails from info@ or noreply@ are obviously automated.

First Emails

People opening an email from you for the first time are more likely to read through it carefully and act on the information than those who are on their fourth or fifth email.  Make that first email count.  Be engaging, include calls to action, and immediately demonstrate why you are such a qualified choice for this lead’s needs.  You can increase the number of new subscribers by making it easy to sign up on all the social media sites.


Not all leads are created equal.  They want different things from a home, are at different points in the home buying and selling process, and are looking for different qualities in a real estate professional.  When they provide their email, ask them a few basic questions and categorize them based on their answers.  Have a variety of email templates, one for each type of lead, so that you can send a more targeted email that will be particularly useful to the lead.

Mobile Friendly

Emails are now opened more often from a mobile device than from a desktop.  Take steps to ensure your email is mobile-friendly, especially your included links.  A simple test is to email yourself and use your own mobile device to check each link.  You also may decide to shorten your paragraphs, because the condensed format of a phone can make it difficult to follow long paragraphs.


All the strategies in the world won’t be effective if what you have to say is not relevant.  Provide valuable content and track which content elicits action from your client.  You can provide information about the town and neighborhood the buyer is looking at, tips and strategies for the home buying process, as well as recent home listings in the area.  You can even create a periodic newsletter that includes all these features.

While considering all these strategies, make sure you track what creates responses.  You can expand on those that work, while improving those that don’t.  Something as simple as the day or time in which the email is sent can dramatically change open rates.  Be persistent and consistent in your approach so you can create the most effective email campaign possible.

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  1. Chris Webb says:

    Excellent Points about the auto emails and the Mobile Friendly emails. These are some key facts that non-tech savvy people do not always understand and often underestimate.

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