Tips for an Exceptional Open House

Prior to an open house you’re likely ready with staging, de-cluttering, and general preparation.  But there are certain things you can do to make sure your open house is a cut above the rest.  A combination of new technology and classic techniques can ensure that your open house is a success.


Getting the word out about your open house is possibly the most important aspect of a successful open house.  Signs, flyers, emails, and word-of-mouth all remain great ways to do this, but it’s even more efficient to add a high-tech component.  Home buyers are already searching real estate websites like Zillow and Trulia, so make sure they can find your open house announcement there.  Be sure to include relevant keywords so buyers can find the announcement with simple searches.

Guest Sign In

Traditionally, sign in sheets have been an exercise in handwriting decryption and hope that no visitors forgot to include their information.  With some apps that hit the market specifically to help real estate professionals, you can simplify this process.  Try “Open Home Pro” on your tablet.  It not only records contact information for your visitors, it also runs through several standard questions such as whether they have an agent, are looking to sell their own home, and if they’re planning to buy in the next six months.  Having this info will help you determine which guests are your most promising, as well as allow you to tailor your follow up emails based on their wants and needs.

Home Information

Handing out all the information about the house being shown often requires piles of paper and significant time photocopying.  While you likely want to keep a few copies of these paper versions around, save yourself time and money by providing a digital information sheet.  You can email this to all those sign up, or better yet, provide the information via a website.  Studies show that buyers are more likely to read the information if it’s in digital form, and you’ll often find that buyers have already perused it before attending the open house.  The more informed visitors will be more likely to become serious buyers, as well as lessening the number of times you need to repeat yourself with the basic info.


While neighbors are unlikely to become buyers, they can still be useful in an open house.  Because they have homes in the area, they understand its benefits and likely want some of their friends and relatives nearby.  Distributing flyers to them a week before the event can encourage them to bring along some of those connections, capitalizing on a potentially difficult to reach demographic.  Moreover, neighbors can extol the virtues of the area in every conversation they have.  Use these unlikely buyers to both bring in and encourage the likely ones.

Open houses are great ways to build connections and get the word out of a great house.  Though they may require a lot of work, using these simple techniques can reduce the workload while making your efforts more effective.  Try a few new techniques at your next event and see what works for you.  For professional looking flyers, postcards, and other information, check out what Corefact can do for you.

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