Creating a Great Home Video Tour

Video is an excellent way to not only show a home, but also to demonstrate how you lay out a home and what thought you put into presenting a house as the listing agent.  Videos of homes that you’ve already sold are great advertising tools for potential clients to see how you can transform their home.  Making a video look both professional and welcoming can be challenging.


Creating a seamless presentation requires several components.  To start, the video itself has to be smooth.  Practice taking shots while moving with a steady hand.  The last thing you want is a lot of bobbing that could make your viewers nauseated.  Once you have a smooth shot, spend some time editing the video.  The transitions between rooms and the explanations you make should flow together and seem to come together naturally.


The length of the video is a huge factor in whether viewers will even watch it.  Shorter is better, as long as you can get the important aspects conveyed coherently.  Additionally, prioritize what you want to say.  It is possible that viewers will watch for only a few minutes before their attention wanders or they move on to the next site.  Present the most important things that need to be said first.  The adage of saving the best for last does not apply in this case.


Before meeting with a potential client, you do research on market conditions and available houses in the area.  The same level of preparation should be put into each video you make.  Not only is it useful to script out what you want to see, do a dry run before the actual shooting.  You’ll discover things you may not have realized like there isn’t a natural transition from the fireplace to the roofing like you thought or a chair blocks out all the light in a particularly beautiful portion of a room.  Expect to make adjustments and improve your performance each time.


Before even starting to write your script, you should know what features of the house you want to highlight.  If you were giving a guided tour, you would point out features that a potential buyer is likely to miss.  Take advantage of the same opportunity here, as they may not notice things that you know do deserve consideration.  As you point out a new feature, linger over it in the video, but don’t overuse zoom.  It can distort perception and is often too heavily relied on.

Remember that this video will be a lingering presence and representation of your abilities.  Invest time and patience into it, then post it both on your site and YouTube.  People are more inclined to watch a video than read a long post, so you’ll be able to reach more potential clients and draw in additional business.

Be sure to include the link to your video on your Just Listed and Just Sold postcards. Your high quality video will demonstrate to the neighbors that you go the extra distance marketing their home. Great lead capture postcards can be found at

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