Summer Showings

The onset of spring also means the increase of market activity for real estate professionals.  Tailoring your home showing techniques to the summer season can not only help highlight the features of the home this time of year, it can also save you time and energy in your preparation.

Buyers Mindset

This time of year, buyers are focusing on the heat and wishing for summer barbeques, air conditioning, patio parties, and even pools.  They will often be willing to spend more time outside, evaluating how they would spend their summer days.  They also expect to be completely comfortable with the temperature of the home the moment they walk through the door.  Make sure there is enough air conditioning that buyers don’t feel the heat, and highlight any of these summer amenities that the home may have.  You may even want to consider offering fresh lemonade to help them feel more at home.

Buyers View

Not only are buyers willing to spend more time outside, the bright sun and (hopefully) pleasant breeze will draw their attention to many outdoor features that would otherwise be overlooked.  Evaluate how the home looks from different angles during different times of the day, especially during the time the home showing will take place.  Bright sunlight illuminates smudges on windows and exposes crevices that might otherwise be hidden.  It is especially important in these showings to be sure everything is clean and well organized.

Summer Life

Spring and summer are both seasons of life and growth.  If your client has a lawn, be sure that the grass is lush and green and any garden areas are well kept and colorful.  Though the grass should be freshly cut and watered, watch your timing.  You don’t want the grass so freshly cut that buyers get grass stains on their shoes or so freshly watered that they end up walking through mud.  If your client doesn’t have a lawn, you can incorporate window boxes or potted plants to display the life of the season.  These are also useful for creating a fresh smell in the home.

Summer Fun

If your client has a pool, the summer is a great time to sell.  Nothing tells a buyer he will be comfortable in the summer months than a great water space to jump in.  However, that’s only true if the pool is visually appealing.  Make sure it’s clean and free of debris.  Consider emphasizing the area by adding pool side seating and umbrellas.  You can also highlight barbeque areas by including a clean, ready to use grill, and maybe even incorporate an eating area if there’s room.  Just as you would stage a dining room or kitchen, stage this area to create an allure for potential buyers.

One way to evaluate the readiness of the home showing in summer is to view the home as if it is hosting a summer party.  If you walked in as a guest, would you feel welcomed and comfortable?  Would you find the home beautiful or dingy?  Use your standard home showing techniques, but bring in the summer fun!

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