Effective Leadership

As a real estate professional, you may oversee many different people or groups, whether as a Broker, team leader, office manager, or in another capacity.  Regardless of whether you have a few coworkers who you must collaborate with or several people reporting directly to you, working with your employees or coworkers to increase overall productivity is a vital leadership skill.  Proactively taking steps to encourage your team to prosper can help both you and your real estate business.


Fostering a sense of empowerment and working with team members to collaboratively meet goals and solve issues can be very effective.  Not only will your coworkers feel empowered to take the initiative and feel responsible for the big picture outcome of each task, you may also hear additional great ideas to investigate and build upon.


Most people have worked in an environment that was fantastic and fostered hard work, and in another that promoted lethargy and isolation.  Creating an internal sense of community where each person is pushed to contribute in a meaningful way to the eventual product of the business is a long-term process, but it has to be started by finding the right people.  Whether you personally interview new hires or you delegate to different departments, make sure that there is a process to find motivated and talented individuals, as well as one for removing those who turn out to be less motivated than expected.


Ensuring that each coworker feels comfortable voicing his or her opinion is a great step towards innovation.  When individuals feel that they can share ideas and those ideas will be given due consideration, they are more likely to devise and present new techniques for doing their job effectively.  This extends not only to professional responsibilities, but also to issues that may arise in the workplace.  Rather than simply complaining about these problems, individuals can actively devise ways to improve or eliminate them.


Wasted time is a huge loss to businesses.  One of the biggest sources of misused time is in meetings that are either inefficient or are presenting data that is irrelevant to many of the attendees.  Before holding a meeting, the organizer should create and distribute an agenda, so that people can be prepared and perhaps add or subtract items that could be changed.

Overall, a great leader ensures that each of his team is in a position to contribute meaningfully to the business and creates an environment where innovations are welcomed and expected.  Creating a team of professionals that can flourish in any environment will give your business the edge it needs to thrive.

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