Defining Social Media Marketing Strategy

Despite the fact that the overall goal of any business is to either attract customers or raise profits, these benchmarks don’t lend themselves to facilitating good strategic maneuvering.  It’s fine to say you want more profits, but how does that help your company know what to post on Twitter?  Defining smaller, more tangible achievements is an essential first step to using marketing in the most effective possible way.

Customer Service

One common goal of social media is to improve a company’s customer relations.  Social media provides an instant form of communication, so both problems and praises can be dealt with in real time.  Evaluate whether you’re satisfied with your current practices for customer service and if you can devote the resources necessary to respond on social media.  Ideally, a client’s comment should be responded to within 10 minutes of its posting.

Raise Awareness

Whether you’re posting for a small company or a new branch of a larger one, sometimes it’s important to just get people to realize you exist.  In these cases, you don’t necessarily want to push sales or generating leads, but rather you want to get your name out and demonstrate that you are an expert in real estate.

Decrease Operational Costs

For a business to stay viable, an online presence is a necessity.  However, the costs of operating and maintaining an attractive website, as well as directing people to that site can be extensive.  Social media provides ways to find clients and generate leads, often using exclusively free programing.

Lead Generation

Compiling a database of contacts through social media can be useful, but tricky. First, people recognize that providing their name and contact information is a cost, and they are generally not willing to pay it unless they feel they are receiving a fair benefit in return.  Second, no one wants to be spammed with generic sales pitches, and will often delete or ignore communications that are not useful.  Providing content that is interesting and useful is one way to both generate leads and maintain them over longer periods of time.

Build Your Brand

Social media is an incredibly useful mechanism for brand building.  Overall, you want people to recognize your business as a leader in the field.  You can do this by not only providing content, but also determining what your clients want and providing it.  One large New York City brokerage, for example, has a Twitter account that is used for providing insights into the real estate world, and another, separate account that is exclusively new home listings.  This gives clients the option of following either or both depending on their preference, and helps this company maintain their relevancy.


In all likelihood, your goals will be some combination of those listed here, as well as possibly a few others.  To be as effective as possible in social media, prioritize your list and develop strategies to specifically target each goal.  And on all your Corefact marketing pieces, be sure to include your Twitter handle, Facebook address, etc.


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