Building Lasting Business Relationships

Despite the fact that the vast majority of clients say they would recommend or reuse their real estate agent, the truth is that less than a third of homebuyers use the same agent twice.  The reason?  Many agents create a relationship that lasts during the home buying or selling, but don’t maintain that relationship over the long term.

Long term relationships with real estate clients seem daunting for two reasons.  The first is that most people wait many years between moves, so it may be a significant period of time before this relationship appears to bear fruit.  The second is that after a home sale, some agents don’t realize the wealth of information they have that would still be useful to clients that aren’t in the process of moving.

With strategic maneuvering, both of these problems will transform into non-issues.  During the down-time between moves, the goal of marketing has to change.  Rather than convincing the homeowner that now is the perfect time to move, an agent should aim to demonstrate that he is both relevant and useful.  If the once client is convinced to read the messages sent by the agent and is then able to somehow use that information, then when it comes time for the client to reappear on the market, it is a simple decision to work with the agent who has been continuously helpful.  Moreover, if friends or relatives decide to buy or sell a home, that agent is sure to get a recommendation.

Social Marketing can make this process of long-term marketing both simpler and more effective.  While an agent and client are actively working together, the client should be encouraged to Friend the agent on Facebook, Follow him on Twitter, and connect through any other available social media site.  After the home sale is complete, the client will continue to see posts on social media sites, so the agent can reach out to current, future, and past clients with a single post.  Maintaining a strong social media presence can help the agent stay relevant.

All these tactics hinge on overcoming the second hurdle: determining whether an agent has relevant information even after a home sale is complete.  Simply put, he does.  Agents not only know how to buy and sell a home, they also know what home improvements have the most resale value, how yards should be maintained, how even the busiest homes can look incredible on the inside, as well as regional laws and ordinances affecting homeowners.    All this information is incredibly useful and would be much appreciated, especially by new homeowners.

Staying on top of these trends and topics will allow an agent to continuously have new and impactful information to give.  By combining social media, email marketing, and direct mailing, agents can create a lasting professional relationship that will yield both references and repeat clientele.  To optimize your direct mailing campaign at all stages of this relationship, visit our website for more information.


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