Selling a Home…To the Kids?

Even though real estate professionals don’t literally sell homes to kids, it’s easy to get the impression that the little ones are calling the shots.  After all, parents’ worlds revolve around their children, and finding a good environment for those kids is generally number one on their priority list.  It makes sense that if an area doesn’t seem child-friendly, there’s almost no chance parents will choose it.

Finding the qualities of a neighborhood that are important to parents is important not only with your current clients, but also with prospective leads.  Often, a parent can’t identify more than one or two specific characteristics of a “child-friendly” area, and instead rely on more of a gut feeling.  If you can quantify things that make the neighborhood great for kids, parents will know that you understand their priorities and can lead them to their ideal home.


Few parents want their child to be cooped up all day, but even fewer want them playing on busy streets.  Houses that are walking distance to parks and playgrounds are very appealing.  When describing the area, include the parks and whether they are toddlers and/or pet friendly.  You can also mention if there are picnic or camping areas to highlight the family-friendly activities that are convenient to the house.

Sports Leagues

This category includes not just children’s teams, but adults as well.  Have the numbers and names of sports teams in the area, both for participation and just enjoying a game.  You can even include the results of a few games or seasons in your mailings to show the strong sense of community the sports foster.


If you’re working with children old enough to form and voice opinions, it’s always easier if those opinions are in your favor.  Take an interest in what the teens and tweens of the family like, and point out areas of the house or neighborhood that would be good with that interest.  If they play music, take care to point out areas of the house that would be semi-sound proof and perfect for practicing.  If they’re interested in sports, you can use your knowledge of the neighborhood teams to talk about where the new resident can find teammates.

Use kids rooms

If you’re staging a home to sell, take care when you reach the children’s rooms.  The rules of staging the home in general, like de-cluttering and de-personalizing, still apply, but there are a few other things you want to consider.  Kids’ rooms are one of the few areas where a theme can actually go over well with the potential home buyer.  You can use sports, princesses, and cartoon characters to create a fun and playful environment.  Just beware of broadcasting your love of specific teams – you don’t want to accidently alienate a buyer who’s a diehard fan of their rivals.

Whether you’re working with parents of young children or teenagers, tailoring your message to the family as a whole will help you more effectively reach their needs.  Corefact can help you create a family-friendly campaign from your very first interaction with the potential client.

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