An Arsenal of Apps

Real estate professionals spend much of their working hours outside the office.  Whether it’s showing homes, meeting with clients, preparing an open house, or evaluating a property, some of the most important tasks are done on the move.   With a strategically prepared smart phone, you can make the most out of these moments.

Evaluating Locations

While a buyer may love a home’s interior, your experience can tell you that the location and neighborhood are incredibly important.  Try “Around Me,” an app designed to list the nearby attractions including restaurants, movie theaters, and schools.  It provides the distances from your current location to each attraction, so you can show clients exactly what their immediate vicinity will look like.

Maintaining Relationships

With a steady stream of buyers, sellers, leads, and general contacts, it can be difficult to juggle each person’s information.  While you likely use your smart phone to immediately record phone numbers of people you intend to contact, you are unlikely to be able to remember where those people work or what they’re interested in specifically.  Using an app like “CamCard” to scan business cards or other contact sheets can keep your relationships organized until you’re ready to follow up with each lead.

Organize Paperwork

Having all the necessary paperwork for a real estate interaction can be very useful, even if it’s simply to explain to your client what to expect in the future.  Rather than carrying around every document you may need, use “Dropbox” as an online storage site that synchronizes everything you save to all your devices.  You can access and edit files with any connected device.  Pair that with “CamScanner” to insert new documents into your records, and your phone becomes a mini filing cabinet.

Track Homes

To stay on top of housing market changes in your area, you can either spend time researching when homes enter and leave the market, as well as the price changes of each property, or you can use “HomeSnap.”  This app lets you snap a picture of a home on the market, then the app will use your location and the image to find the real time data from the MLS and other sources.  If that information changes after you have the house in your app, you will be updated.  Storing the homes you intend to show clients can ensure you always have the most current information available.  However, this app only works in certain locations, so test it in your area before committing.

Manage Open Houses

Getting a digital record of every visitor to an open house lets you quickly and easily contact each person after the showing is over.  “Open House Manager” allows visitors to sign in on your iPad, and their contact information is stored conveniently in one place.  It also allows users to send reports and surveys to help reach potential buyers.

Making the most out of your smart phone can help you be the most effective real estate professional on the market.  Corefact hopes that these devices help to organize and simplify your business, as well as increasing your presence in the market.

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