Effective Direct Mailing

Despite the extent of mobile and virtual media, one of the most effective ways to reach your clients remains through direct mail.  Unfortunately, sending out mail and hoping it generates leads can be a time consuming, expensive, and difficult task.  Moreover, you often don’t know who has approached you because your direct mail and who was brought in by email, web searches, or any of your other marketing endeavors.  To raise the effectiveness of your direct mailing, it’s vital to first generate mail that is likely to create business, and second track its effectiveness so you can make changes as needed.

Provide Incentives

People are far more likely to respond to a mailing when they think they will gain something by doing so.  Incentives are a great way to increase your response rate, and they can be almost anything you think the client will value.  Try offering a free home evaluation, a free consultation, or a reduced price if the mailing is mentioned.  You can even offer free information by providing a taste of what your website provides, then directing them to read more.  Once you’ve decided on what you can offer, highlight it in your mailing so the incentive jumps out at the client.

Sell What People Want

Too often, real estate professionals try to sell clients on their professional qualifications.  While it’s a great idea to explain what sets you apart from the competition, the truth is that what clients really want is a new home or to sell their old one for a reasonable price.  It’s a subtle but important difference to put the emphasis on the results rather than the process.  Switching your language from “I have sold x amount of houses in the past year, and can sell yours too” to “Your home will be in great hands, just ask any of the x amount of homeowners I helped last year” changes the emphasis while keeping the facts you’re presenting the same.

Promise What You Can

Real estate professionals are in the unfortunate position of depending somewhat upon the state of the market.  While other professions can offer lowest price and fastest delivery guarantees, it’s difficult to predict what the result of a real estate sale will be.  However, don’t let that stop you from promising what you will provide.  Immediate response times, professional connections, and honesty and fairness are all important and not guaranteed by many professionals out there.  You intend to work hard for your clients, and you should make sure they know that.

Include a Call to Action

Every mailing sent out should have a sense of urgency and a reason to respond, as well as a simple way to respond.  Giving people instructions on what their next step should be makes it much more likely that they’ll take that step.  Once they do, be ready to immediately respond.  If there’s a lag time before they hear from you, the momentum picked up when they contacted you will be lost, and it’s likely they’ll search for other options.

Rather than trying to balance all these basic requirements of direct mailing while incorporating more advanced techniques, use the professionals at Corefact to be sure you’re creating the most effective mailings possible.  We specialize in designing direct mailings that create leads, as well as tracking who responds and to what extent.  Visit our website to see what incredible mailings and tracking options we offer.

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